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Role of Lord Krishna in Kurukshetra War

The ‘Kurukshetra War’ is described in the Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’ as a conflict, fought between two groups of cousins of an Indian Kingdom called Kauravas and Pandavas for the throne of Hastinapur.

Lord Krishna decided not to fight in the war and not to pick up his weapons. As a last attempt to bring peace in war Krishna asked Duryodhana to return Indraprastha to the Pandavas but Duryodhana said he would not give land to the Pandavas. Duryodhana publicly ordered his soldiers, even after the warnings from all the elders, to arrest Krishna. Krishna laughed and displayed his divine form, radiating intense light.

role of lord krishna

Krishna had a large force called the Narayani Sena and was himself a great warrior. Once Duryodhana and Arjuna thus both went to Krishna at Dwarka to ask for his help. Duryodhana arrived first and found Krishna asleep. When Krishna woke up, he saw Arjuna first and gave him the first right to make his request. Krishna told Arjuna and Duryodhana that he would give the Narayani Sena, to one side and himself as a non-combatant to the other. Arjuna on behalf of the Pandavas chose Krishna. Later Arjuna requested Krishna to be his charioteer and he agreed wholeheartedly.

When the war was declared and the two armies were facing each other, Arjuna was in a dilemma and he felt weak and sickened at the prospect of killing his entire family. Arjuna turned to Krishna for divine advice and teachings. Krishna advised him of his duty. This conversation forms the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most respected religious and philosophical texts in the Hindu religion. Krishna reminded him that this was a war between righteousness and unrighteousness and it was Arjuna’s duty to support the cause of sin.

In lieu of conclusion, it can be said that Lord Krishna played a vital role in the Kurukshetra war. His religious philosophy left a big impact on the thoughts and beliefs of Pandavas and Kauravas. From his initial days in Hastinapur to the end of this historical war he remained as a key political figure in a timeless harmony.

What can be learnt from Lord Krishna?

Life of lord Krishna is the perfect answer to this question.

He born in a prison and his parents were imprisoned by his own uncle Kansa. Even Lord Brahma and Indra created trouble for him. His own nephew, Sishupal was after his life. He brought up in a small village while he deserved to be a part of royal village.  In spite of such plentiful adversities he lived his life like a festival.

Learning from Krishna

He wanted to establish the kingdom of Dharma. After releasing his parents and King Ugrasen from the bondage of Kansa, he became the savior for the people of Mathura.  Krishna diligently performed all his duties no matter how many difficulties came his way without the slightest neglect. He administered justice in the royal court and also offered the devotees solace, benediction and protection. Krishna maintained his equanimity in both the village and princely luxuries

He remained calm and composed during Kurukshetra war. It was his astuteness because of which Pandavas emerged victorious against a much large force of powerful Kouravas. He was so munificent that when Duryodhan ( who tried to arrest him) asked for his army to fight against Pandavas (and Krishna himself), he gave his whole army along with weapons to him.

He always lived the life of service. All that he did was for the benefit of others. From the Lord’s very birth, he showed constant hostility throughout the life. Despite all the tirade, Krishna was forever smiling and in perpetual bliss.

The Story of Shri Krishna lifting Govardhan Hill

The Story of Shri Krishna lifting Govardhan Hill

There is an interesting story in the Bhagwata and other Puranas about Shri Krishna lifting the ‘Govardhan Parvat’ or Govardhan Hill when he was only a small child. The story goes like this:

Once, when the elder people of Braj including Nanda Maharaj were planning for the Puja of Lord Indra, Shri Krishna, a child then, questioned them as to why they were doing so. Nanda Maharaj explained to Krishna that this was done every year to please Lord Indra so that he continued to grace the people of Braj by providing rain as and when required. But little Krishna debated that they were farmers and they should only do their duty or ‘Karma’ to the best of their abilities, by concentrating on farming and protecting their cattle, rather than performing pujas or conduct sacrifices like this for any natural phenomenon. Finally convinced by Krishna, the villagers did not perform with the puja.

Furious with the inhabitants of Braj for listening to the little child Krishna and worshipping the Govardhan Hill instead of him, lndra, the King of Heaven, decided to punish them by sending terrible rain clouds to flood the land of Vrindavan. Calling the Samavartaka clouds of devastation, lndra ordered them to lash upon Vrindavan with torrents of rain and thunderstorms and cause extensive floods that would destroy the livelihood of the inhabitants.

As terrible rains and thunderstorms ravaged the land and submerged it under water, the frightened and helpless inhabitants of Vrindavan approached Lord Krishna for help. Krishna, who understood the situation perfectly well, lifted up the entire Govardhan Hill at once with His left hand, and held it up like an umbrella. One by one all the inhabitants of Vrindavan, along with their cows and other household possessions, took shelter under Govardhan Hill. For seven days they stayed under the hill, safe from the terrible rains and surprisingly undisturbed by hunger or thirst. They were also astounded to see the huge Govardhan Hill resting perfectly balanced on Krishna’s little finger.

Stunned and mystified with the order of events, King Indra called back the clouds of devastation, thus stopping the thunderstorms and the rains. The sky became clear again and the sun shone brightly over Vrindavan. Little Krishna asked the inhabitants to return home without any fear, and gently placed the Govardhan Hill back to exactly where it was. All the inhabitants of Braj including Nanda Maharaj, Yasoda and Balarama hailed Krishna and embraced Him with happiness.

This was how the false pride of King Indra was shattered to pieces. He came to Lord Krishna with folded hands and prayed to Him for forgiveness. Shri Krishna, being the Supreme Personality of Godhead, bestowed his grace on Indra and also enlightened him about his ‘Dharma’ and duties.