Big money for Yamuna ghats in Vrindavan

The State Government has approved an astounding sum of 177.81 crore rupees for the expansion and beautification of the Yamuna riverfront in Mathura and Vrindavan. The core committee meeting was held under the expert guidance of CM Akhilesh Yadav and the amount was sanctioned.

This decision was direly needed as devotees visit Vrindavan all year round and take a dip in the holy river before darshan. The ghats are in very poor condition and several of them even have large cracks. Some of the ill maintained but popular ghats include Kesi, Bhramar, Cheer, Vihar and Jugal Ghat.

Apart from this, the problem of sewage water flowing into the river and making it dirtier still remains. This is why the State government has also approved action plans that will stop these drains from flowing into the Yamuna and a 20 km parallel drainage system will be constructed which will carry the dirty water far away from the city.

This will keep the river water and the ghats clean. There are also further plans to connect the parallel drainage system to a sewer treatment plant so that the dirty water can be treated and can be used for irrigation purposes.


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