Braj Foundation to organise the Annual Saanjhi Art Festival at Brahma Kund

The Sanjhi art festival is being organised at Brahma Kund, Vrindavan this year by the Braj Foundation. This will be the third time that this foundation will organize this festival and it will take place over three days. The preparations are almost done. The programme will include an exhibition of sanjhi art, a classical music evening and a stage performance of ‘sanjhi leela’.

Earlier on this festival used to be hosted every year but in the middle due to some reasons, it could not be organised. However, this tradition of hosting this festival has now been renewed. The Brahma Kund has also been recently renovated, which has made the hosting of this festival easier. This year, precious manuscripts and pictures of sanjhi art will also be on display with the help of the Braj Cultural Research Institute.

The Braj Foundation has been hailed for doing excellent work restoring these old and lost traditions of Braj.

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