Multi level parking at Janmbhumi and Dampier

As a part of the Adarsh Mathura plan, the Mathura city administration is planning to build multi level parking spots in the city. The blueprints are that of three multi level parking places that are to be developed in two areas of the city, one near Shri Krishna Janmbhumi and one in Dampier Nagar. The parking facility near Janmbhumi is also a part of the Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana or HRIDAY Yojana plan of the Central government to develop Mathura as a heritage city.

The parking place at Dampier Nagar will be developed by the Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority or the MVDA. Both these parking places will be multi level so as to reduce the problem of vehicle parking in the city. Surveys are being done so that blueprints can be prepared and costs estimated and a report will be submitted to the Government soon. 14 more places have also been identified where multi level parking facilities will be made.

The places include Mandi crossing, Krishnapuri crossing, Govardhan crossing, BSA College, Amar hotel palace, Registry office, the collectorate and judicial area, Potra kund, Govindnagar police station, BS Nursing home, Mehta Nursing home, Swami Ghat and Anguri vatika near Jubilee park government hospital. At present contracts have been given to local contractors to manage parking in these areas which will later be developed as multi level parking zones.

The construction of a multi-level parking facility in Vrindavan is in its last stages. The parking place being developed at Rukmini Vihar will be able to accommodate 700 vehicles once completed. Similar parking places will be developed at Darukh parking place, Pagal Baba ashram, Cheer Ghat, near the Iskcon temple and at Kalidah.

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