Vrindavan gearing up for Chandan Yatra Festival:

Chandan yatra 1 The Temples of Vrindavan are gearing up for the festivity of the Chandan Yatra, to be held on the occasion of Akshay Tritiya. On this day the deities give darshan and sandalwood paste is smeared all over their bodies.  The sandal paste is used to adorn the deities to keep them cool in the scorching heat of summer.

The paste is applied on the whole body of the deities of Shri Krishna after the panchamrita abhishek. The sandal paste is smeared on the face of the deities of Radha Rani. The deities are adorned with the garland of Tulsi and scented flowers.

While the sandal wood paste brings pleasure to the body of the Lord, the darshan of the deities smeared with sandalwood paste brings peace to the eyes of the devotees. According to the Vedic Calendar, Akshaya Trititya, is a day considered to be conducive to success in any significant endeavour. Apart from the Banke Bihari and the Sapta Develaya Temples, Lala Babu, Imlitala and ISCKON are other temples which attract thousands of devotees.

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