Krishna Bhumi Welcomes you

Krishna Bhumi is a large township in Vrindavan, offering world class living spaces, right at the feet of the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir*, the tallest Lord Krishna Temple* in the world. It is an opportunity to become a part of a unique and spiritual abode that will be immersed in love and devotion to Lord Krishna .

This magnificent development has three parts which are Krishna Bhumi -Govardhan Vas, Krishna Bhumi - Tulsi Vas and Krishna Bhumi - Villas.

Krishna Bhumi clients have a huge appeal and attraction towards Krishna Bhumi across the country and the world. Our clients today come from 43 different cities in India and 20 countries across the world. The target clientele are the ones devoted to Krishna and Vrindavan and visit Vrindavan.

Channel Partner Benefits:

Krishna Bhumi believes in creating and supporting Channel Partners in various cities and across the globe and provide them with the best of Pre-Sales Support experience along with an attractive commission scheme / payment terms.

Krishna Bhumi has offices in Delhi, Kanpur, Agra, Vrindavan and Kolkata.

We invite Channel Partners from across the country to join hands as an extension of our sales capability and work towards a mutual and beneficial growth path.

N.B.: Krishna Bhumi complies with the RERA laws. We shall be able to associate with only those Channel Partners who have registered themselves with UP RERA.

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Contact Details:

P: +91 96 96 96 8899 | +91 95556 55000
*Disclaimer: All images are conceptual renditions of the proposed and existing development in and around the project. The Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir is a proposed development by devotees of ISKCON Bangalore.