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Centre plans to bring Yamuna to Vrindavan ghats; Parks to replace illegal structures

The Centre has directed the Mathura-Vrindavan Municipal Corporation to remove all illegal structures that have cropped up in front of the beautiful ghats of Vrindavan. The reclaimed areas are to be made into gardens or parks. Another concern is to restore the flow of the Yamuna to these ghats once again. A plan is being drafted regarding that also. The Ministry of Urban Development has requested Prof. C.R Babu, environmental expert from Delhi University, to guide the execution of this project, which is being done by the Municipal Comissioner, Ravindra Kumar Mandar.

A meeting was recently held at the Municipal Corporation office, where, speaking onbehalf of the Ministry, Prof. Babu expressed concern regarding the fact that the tourists and the devotees are no longer getting to experience the Vrindavan that they had heard or read about. He said that taking care of matters one after the other will take a lot of unnecessary time. It would be better to just use a multi directional approach and start working on all the issues simultaneously.

The Municipal Corporation has also been directed to prepare a proposal regarding calling horticultural experts and agencies to participate in this project. Ravindra Kumar Mandar and additional municipal commissioner, Satyendra Kumar Tiwari are saying that the plans will be prepared soon and sent to the Central Ministry for approval.