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Rare wetland grove of Mansarovar being revived by Friends of Vrindavan

The Mansarovar Lake, a few miles across the river Yamuna in Vrindavan, used to be a rare wetland grove and a bird sanctuary. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of it now. That is why Friends of Vrindavan has decided to revive and conserve the sacred groves around the lake. Indigenous trees are already being planted along the lake by them. In its peak form, the lake had wild bushes surrounding it that was a natural habitat for migratory birds.

Aquatic species of birds especially visited the area a lot and that is why this located had often been called ‘a birdwatcher’s paradise’. Once, this lake used to be 5 acres in size but sadly it is one third of that size right now due to an artificial boundary that has gone up around it. This also caused 60% reduction in the depth of the lake, not to mention that the bushes, shrubs and groves around the lake were destroyed. As the water started getting low on oxygen levels, the birds could no longer fish there and stopped turning up.

Friends of Vrindavan is very concerned about this very important ecosystem being destroyed and that is why they have taken it upon themselves to restore it. They feel that above all else, the birds should be able to return to their previous haunts. Over 50 indigenous trees have already been planted and there are also plans to construct a Lotus Pond in the adjoining area.