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Dinesh Shahra’s new book launched in Vatsalya Gram in Vrindavan

Shri Dinesh Shahra is a renowned industrialist and philanthropist. His book ‘Simplicity and Wisdom’ is dedicated to Late Vedanti Swami Pragananand Ji and is a guide for people who want to walk the path of saintly wisdom and lead happy and content lives. Being an ardent admirer of Sadhvi RitambharaJi, he wanted to introduce the book in her presence at Vatsalya Gram in Vrindavan. Sadhvi RitambharaJi happens to be the co-founder of Shakti Peeth and Vatsalya Gram.

Vatsalya Gram is a unique home which houses senior citizens, orphans and widows who live together as a family and promote the mission of creating a value based social structure. This is very akin to the ideology on which the Dinesh Shahra Foundation is based. DSF’s activities are focused on three main points: Spirituality, Sustainability and Education.