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The great Khali surprises devotees in Vrindavan by arriving in Banke Bihari Temple without any prior announcement

Dalip Singh Rana or Khali, as he is more popularly known, the renowned heavy-weight champion of India, was invited to a school programme in Agra. On his way back he made an impromptu decision to fulfill his long-standing wish of visiting the Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan. After that, he also made a visit to the Krishna Janmasthan. At the temples, the sevayats performed puja-archana for him and also gifted him the prasai dupatta.

When talking to the media, Khali revealed that Vrindavan is a very important place to him because the ancient art of wrestling, which is known as kushti, was started here by Balaram. Being very passionate about this form of martial art, he says that a plan to open a wrestling academy in Vrindavan is in the offing.