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Matura-Vrindavan rail line to make way for Metro

The metro project has been a long standing dream of MP Hema Malini and it looks like it is going to be a reality soon. Last week a nod was given by the Railway authorities to the proposal of replacing the under-utilized Mathura – Vrindavan Railway line with a double road and developing the elevated pathway as metro tracks.  The Metro will be a good solution to the unrelenting traffic that makes commute by road between Mathura and Vrindavan inconvenient and time-consuming.

Apart from being a very convenient means of transportation, since the metro line will be elevated, it will also serve as a tourist attraction, giving the passengers passing glimpses of all major temples along the way. Shopping malls and parking facilities will also be built near the stations. This rail line between Mathura and Vrindavan will be 11.63 kms long.