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Mudiya Mela Celebrations in Full Swing: 1500 Buses and Direct Train from Radha Kund

Though many celebrate Guru Purnima with great enthusiasm on July 27, there is a weeklong festivity in the holy Vraja from July 22 to 29, known as Mudiya Mela. Since thousands of followers gather in Mathura around this time, the transport authority has declared that 1500 additional buses will be available in this region. The extra buses will operate from Aligarh, Agra, Ghaziabad, Etawah, Meerut, Bareilly and Moradabad.

The Radha Kund Railway Station will also become operational before the fair.  Devotees arriving by trains headed off from the Govardhan station previously. That meant the devotees who wanted to begin Parikrama from Radha Kund had to take a tempo to travel 2.5 km from the Govardhan Station to Radha Kund. Fortunately, devotees can now take a direct train from the newly built station at Radha Kund.   

During Mudiya Mela, the largest crowds throng at Govardhan Dham. This festival is celebrated great pomp, show and elaboration. Guru Purnima denotes the disappearance of Sanatan Goswami. In the holy Vraj, the festival is known as Mudiya Purnima. During the celebrations, pujas and ordinations are held at the Madan Mohan Temple, where the devotees pay honour at Sanatan Goswami’s Samadhi, adjoining the temple.

The followers celebrating the occasion at Govardhan visit Sanatan’s Bhajan Kutir, which is located alongside Cakalesvara Mahadeva Temple on the north of Manasi Ganga.