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Vrindavan Gripped by Shiva Devotion with a Massive Congregation on the First Monday

A huge crowd gathered at the Gopeshwar Mahadev and the other Shiva temples in Vrindavan to offer prayers and worship from Monday early morning. As the Vraj legend goes, after Maharas, Devakinandan paid respect to Lord Shiva and Radha Rani to get their blessings and appear in Gopi form in the holy Vraj eternally.  

The Krishna bhakts regard Lord Shiva as the greatest Vaishnava. In Vrindavan, numerous followers worship Mahadev in Gopi form, which He got by bathing in the Lake Manasarovar. Though Gopis were permitted into the Maharas, Mahadev was not about to make it stop Him from entering the place where the Rasa Lila was in full swing.

Lord Shiva appeared as Vraj Gopi. Out of the 330 million demigods, only Mahadev and Narada Muni appeared as Gopis. That is simply because both of them were chanting the Lord’s name and accepting the most humble service.

Each evening, the Shivalinga at Gopeshwar Mahadev temple takes Gopi Shringar. Therefore, the devotees who want to offer milk and water to the Shivalinga should visit the temple early in the morning. There was a huge congregation of devotees on Monday morning, longing to give their offerings. It is expected there would be similar crowds thronging the temples on the three remaining Mondays in the month of Shravan.  It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh in Shravan ushers in a lot of happiness and many benefits to family life.