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Vrindavan’s Commuter Train to Metamorphose into Braj Heritage Railway

Vrindavan Today on July 14th, 2018

Srikant Sharma, Mathura District Representative, and Rail Minister Piyush Goyal, were in a discussion to transform Vrindavan’s passenger train into a ‘Heritage Train’ to provide easy and affordable transportation for the tourists and locals. The train will operate more frequently and with additional stops to make commute convenient. The proposed plan shall be finalised in a few weeks. The plan also entails the inclusion of a green rail corridor, removal of encroachments and planting of native ‘Braj’ trees. The ministers also talked about the upcoming Mudya Mela, and the additional trains running from Mathura to Govardhan and Radha Kund stations as well as from Radha Kund to Alwar.

The up- gradation of the Mathura-Vrindavan train from a narrow track to a wide gauge line will make commute easy for the residents and tourists alike. The wide gauge line, when complete will connect the Mathura-Vrindavan train to the interstate railway network.

The plan was first announced by Hema Malini in 2015. She suggested that the heritage train should be presented in a style to inspire religious feelings among the people with spiritual music and artwork. The people should feel that they are visiting Vrindavan, the land of Shri Krishna.

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