Designed for independent and active lifestylesKrishna Bhumihas special features and amenities for conveniences, especially for seniors who are in their golden days with limited mobility.

Elder Care Centre

  • Elder care is a very special and significant service provided at Krishna Bhumi. Onsite doctors with 24X7 fully equipped medical clinic and specially trained nursing team will provide the daily care and medical supervision that most of us need during our golden years.

Diagnostic & Medical Centre

  • Krishna Bhumi promises to provide not only safe, serene and beautiful friendly homes, but also essential facilities for seniors in their silver years as well as care and serviceswith passion and compassion to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. A dedicated diagnostic and medical centre will be at service round the clock to cater to all the residents of Krishna Bhumi.

Hobby Centre

  • Krishna Bhumi aims to promote active lifestyles to our senior citizens. This platform will engage seniors in creative areas and productive activities and will be an expression channel for their experience and energy.

Spiritual Discourses

  • The iconic Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir will be a hub for bhajan and kirtans, katha and satsang, spiritual discourses, in addition to daily puja and aarti.

Contact Details:

P: +91 96 96 96 8899 | +91 95556 55000
*Disclaimer: All images are conceptual renditions of the proposed and existing development in and around the project. The Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir is a proposed development by devotees of ISKCON Bangalore.