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With the Jamashtami fervor still lingering in the air, it is now time to get ready for Radhashtami.

The ten day Radhasthami celebrations are about to begin in Braj. This year, the occasion has fallen on 6th September. Radhashtami is celebrated on an equally massive scale as Janmashtami in Vrindavan and Barsana, hence, the police department has been busy working on the traffic and security arrangements. Temple sevayat, Shri Rashbihari Goswami has informed that the morning panchamrut abhishek will be performed in the Laadliji Mahal.

Follow this calendar to know exactly how the Radhashtami celebrations are going to be carried out.

4th September: Radha Rani’s closest sakhi, Shri Lalita’s appearance day will be celebrated in the village of Unchagaon.

5th September: Badhai Gayan will be performed in the Radhrani Temple in Barsana in the evening. This will be followed by a bhajan sandhya and raatri jagaran. Laddus will be distributed to all neighboring villages as well.

6th September: The grand abhishek in the Radharani Temple in Barsana at 4 in the morning. Goswamis from Nandgaon will perform badhai gayen for her and then Radha Rani will give darshan to everyone under a white ornamental dome.

7th September: On this day, Budhi Leela Mahotsav will be celebrated and Mayur Leela will be performed at the ancient Morkuti Sthal.

8th September: Mayur, Daan and Jogin Leelas will be performed on Vilasgarh pahadi.

9th September: Choti Bandhan Leela will be performed in Saankri Khor, followed by Nauka Vihar Leela at Ghazipur, in the evening.

10th September: Shyam Sagaai will be performed in Uchagaon’s Dauji Mandir. Byawala Geet will then be performed on Sakhigiri Parvat. Finally, Nauka Vihar Leela will be performed in Priya Kund.

11th September: Matki Phod Leela will be performed in Saankri Khor. Dangal will be performed in the evening.

12th September: Cheer Haran Leela and Dangal will be performed in Rajasthan’s Kadam Khandi.

13th September: Finally, Maha Raas Leela will be performed in Radha Bagh and Madoi. Then the mukuts or crowns will be put on Radha’s and Krishna’s head. These crowns weigh a kilo and a quarter of a kilo.