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Kunjgalis of Vrindavan are up for beautification under the ‘Pro-poor Development Scheme’

The Mathura-Vrindavan Municipal Corporation will soon embark on a restoration and beautification project for 52 ‘kunj-galis’ of Vrindavan. Having been associated with the divine pastimes of Shri Krishna and that of the veritable saints of Braj, the ‘kunj-galis’ (alleys) of VrindavanDham have immense religious as well historical significance. They are an inseparable part of the Braj heritage.

The Municipal Corporation has recently added 30 more of these ‘kunj-galis’ spread across the holy town to the existing list of 22 that were largely centred around the Banke Bihari Mandir area. The project, which is being executed under the World Bank’s Pro-poor Development Scheme, is estimated to cost 1.06 Cr.During a recent meeting with the local councillor and other officials of the civic body, municipal commissioner, Shri Ravindra Kumar Mandar said that in order to develop Vrindavan as a ‘smart-city’ the administration will have to ensure that pilgrims and tourists coming here should have the most divine and wonderful experience of their lives.

He also discussed the ‘Heritage Walks’ project during the gathering.