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Minister Prahlad Singh Patel directs state archaeology to restore Govind Dev Mandir

Shri Prahlad Singh Patel visited Govind Dev Mandir, one of the ‘Saptadevalayas’ (seven ancient temples) of Vrindavan. He has directed the state archaeology to restore the temple in accordance with historical records available in the form of text and pictures.

The minister was accompanied by officials of the state archaeology department who acquainted him with the temple’s architecture and history. He said that the spire of the shrine and other ruins should be conserved and restored without deviating from its original character, as far as possible.  

Patel also expressed solidarity with the ‘tirth purohit’ and ‘pujaris’ whose livelihood has been adversely affected by the lockdown. He said that while the government is aware of their condition, there’s little that can be done in these difficult times. The temples were first to close down, they will probably be the last ones to open. That said state governments are taking necessary measures to provide the community some assistance.

Responding to questions by journalists, the minister further remarked the state and central governments are working together to ensure smooth reopening of temples. “The policy is being drafted in accordance with ICMR guidelines; we want devotees and tourists to feel safe,” he added.

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