Bhandiravana – Where Krishna swallowed a forest fire

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One of the most prominent among the forests of Vrindavan to be recreated at Krishna Bhumi, Bhandirvana is celebrated as the forest of Braj where Krishna used to enjoy taking lunch with His cowherd friends under the massive Bhandirvata banyan tree. (more…)

Lohavana – where Krishna disguised as a boatman

krishna disguised as boatman

Recreated at Krishna Bhumi as one of the twelve principal forests of Braj, the forest of Lohavana was a charming and delightful place adorned with attractive flowers of all kinds. It was one of the places where Krishna is said to have pastured His cows. (more…)

Madhuvana – the Honey Forest

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One of the most beautiful forests, Madhuvana is among the 12 principal forests of Braj to be recreated at Krishna Bhumi, Vrindavan. The forest got its name from the sweetest honey that is said to have been found here in the most nectarine bee hives of the Kalpavriksha trees that covered the entire forest. (more…)


Krishna Bhumi is a grand mega development by the Infinity Group in Vrindavan offering world class living spaces surrounding the world’s tallest Krishna temple, and a rare opportunity to live in a gated community of likeminded Krishna followers from all walks of life in a safe, well conceived comprehensive manner.