Devotees Visit Vrindavan to Usher In the New Year

Hare Krishna and Radhe Radhe were the echoing notes of Vrindavan on the eve of New Year!

For millions who decided to visit Vrindavan on 31st December 2017, living Blissfully was the guiding spirit that led them to the New Year.

Vrindavan and the other towns of Vraj witnessed an overwhelming number of people as the year drew to a close. Although Sri Banke Bihari temple attracted the most amount of crowd, the other temples too welcomed an exceptional number of devotees as well. The temples were decorated and the idols adorned for the special occasion. Apart from visiting the temples and performing Giriraj Parikrama in Govardhan, many decided to welcome 2018 with a Mangala Arati performed before the sunrise.

The number of devotees visiting Vrindavan on the New Year ’s Eve saw a major upsurge and thousands of them were seen wandering from one hotel to another, trying to find a room, only to find that almost every hotel was fully booked.

Police were deployed to create a one way flow of tourists around Sri Banke Bihari temple. Fortunately, there were no major incidents, but thousands got stuck when trying to leave the temple and had to struggle their way through crowds of people trying to force their way into the exits.

This year’s celebration was unique in more than one way. Youngsters enthusiastically participated in Vrindavan’s New Year celebration. With bhajans and divine melodies, selfies and special events, Vraj Bhumi transformed into a melting pot of myriad cultures with the unfaltering love for Krishna running as the connecting thread, binding every aspect together.

In an article titled “New Year’s Resolutions”, Giriraj Swami writes, “Most resolutions take the form of “do’s”—things I resolve to do—and “don’ts”—things I resolve to not do. And Vedic wisdom tells us that all do’s and don’ts should support one main do—always remember Krishna (God)—and one main don’t—never forget Him.”

As stated in The Mathura Mahatmya “All sins accumulated through innumerable births can be destroyed in a second by staying in Vrindavan even for one day”; we would love to hear from you to share about our living spaces located right at the feet of the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir.

Live Blessed!