New home to be built for widows

Vrindavan, 6th February 2016: Vrindavan is all set to get another widow home which will house upto 500 women. The new widow ashram is being built behind the Omaxe housing complex situated on the Chhatikara – Vrindavan Road.  Smt. Renuka Kumar, Principal Secretary of the Women Welfare Department of Uttar Pradesh visited Vrindavan on Friday.Untitled-1

She said that the widows and old women living in the Purana Pagal Baba Ashram will be shifted to some other place, as the existing building has become very old and may collapse any day. A piece of land has been identified for building a new home. The construction works to build the ashram will begin soon.

Tales of Krishna: slaying of Kesi

The slaying of KeshiIt is true that Vasudev saved infant Krishna from Kansa by taking him from the prison and placing him in Yashoda’s lap. However, as Krishna began to grow up in Gokul, Kansa made more plans of having him killed. He dispatched many demons in disguise to bring about the death of Krishna.

One of these demons was Kesi. Kesi assumed the form of a gigantic horse for the task. He galloped so fast that he could hardly be seen, his hooves touched the ground with such force that the roads cracked. His neighing was terrifying to people.

Kesi went around wreaking havoc in Gokul until Krishna challenged him to a duel. Kesi roared like a lion and charged towards Krishna and struck him with his hooves. Krishna caught hold of his hooves and tossed him to the ground. After this Kesi attacked Krishna by devouring his arm.

However, as soon as Krishna’s hand went inside Kesi’s mouth, all of Kesi’s teeth fell off and Krishna’s arm enlarged in size. Finally, Kesi died a painful death by choking on Krishna’s arm. The Gods and Narad extolled him for this deed and prophesized many other wonderful things that he would go on to do, including putting an end to Kansa and his tyranny.

Krishna Bhumi

Considering that Vrindavan is now excellently connected and is soon developing into an important transition city, it is not a surprise that many residential projects are coming up. Earlier on people could not visit Vrindavan as much they liked due to poor connectivity and not so great accommodation options. However, developers have realized this need of the people and now Vrindavan has become a second home destination for many. One such noteworthy township that is coming up is Krishna Bhumi. What is so unique about Krishna Bhumi that you should choose it over the other options? The other complexes are not built around the tallest Krishna temple in the world.

The makers of Krishna Bhumi understand that Krishna bhakti and luxury and not necessarily concepts that are divorced from each other. This is why they have come up with homes that allow you to enjoy both. Starting from studio apartments to lavish 4000 square feet villas, Krishna Bhumi is envisioned to house the solitary pilgrim as well as the joint Indian family. Whatever the size and whatever the budget, Krishna Bhumi has something for everyone. Our studio apartments start from just 20 lacs after all. Come alone or come with all, but the place you have to come to is Krishna Bhumi.Krishna Bhumi