Kumudavana – where Krishna sported in Kumudini Kund

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Kumudavana is the third among the twelve principal forests of Braj that will be recreated next to the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir at Krishna Bhumi. This delightful forest which is presently also known as Kudaravan is where Lord Krishna, Shri Balrama ji and the other cowherd boys wandered through while herding the cows. (more…)

Bilvavana – Where Lakshmi Devi still waits to enter Rasa Leela

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One of the most captivating and pleasant forests of Braj to be recreated at Krishna Bhumi, Vrindavan is Bilvavana. The forest, also known as Belvan or Baelvan gets its name from the beautiful bilva (or bael) trees that fills up this forest. (more…)

Talavana – Where Balarama killed Dhenukasuraa

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One of the twelve enchanting principal forests of Braj that is being recreated with the vast greens around the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir at Krishna Bhumi is the forest of Talavana. The forest gets its name from the ‘Tala’ or Palm trees that grew in abundance in this specific part of Vrindavana. (more…)

Kamyavana – the most beautiful forest of Braj


The fourth among the twelve forests of Braj-mandal, Kamyavana will be recreated at Krishna Bhumi as one of the beautiful forests surrounding the iconic Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir. Kamyavana is said to have been the most beautiful of all the vanas of Vrindavana where Lord Krishna performed his enchanting pastimes. (more…)