Press reporters meet at Hotel Nidhivan on the eve of Patrakaar diwas

On the eve of Patrakaar Diwas, Krishna Bhumi organized and sponsored a press reporters meet at Hotel Nidhivan in Vrindavan. About 35 press reporters, led by President of Journalist Association of Uttar Pradesh and President of Braj Press Club, Kamal Kant Upamanyu, attended the event. Apart from this, Anant Veer Prabhu from Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir and Team Krishna Bhumi were also present.Patrakar Diwas article

There was a healthy discussion and the reporters shared the challenges they meet in their line of work. Mr. Upamanyu listened to all of them and suggested the changes they should incorporate in their day to day work which would help them improve.

Anant Veer Prabhu of the VCM spoke about how magnificent the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir will be once it is completed. It will be a landmark project that will restore Vrindavan and to a certain point India as well to its former glory as far as Krishna and his magic is concerned. Mr. Ravee Shanker spoke about Krishna Bhumi and other quality projects that Infinity is involved in at the moment.

This was followed by everyone present receiving an electric iron as a token of thanks for attending and a grand lunch. All in all, the event was a great success.

Modern age Shravan Kumar came to Vrindavan for pilgrimage

The man being called the modern age Shravan Kumar came to Vrindavan carrying his old and blind mother on his shoulder for pilgrimage purposes.  Shravan Kumar stayed at the Balaji guest house on Sunday in Vrindavan and left Monday morning after prayers and breakfast. Many activists and social workers also came to the guest house to meet him and take the blessings of his mother. They also gave gifts of daily need items and food to them for their journey ahead.

He has made a contraption, like a weighing scale with a basket balanced on each end.  On one end sits his mother, while on the other end all of their worldly belongings are placed.  This basket is then slung across his shoulders and he carries it wherever they plan to go.  Shravan Kumar alias Kailash Giri is a resident of the Hanoi village (Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh).Shravan Kumar

Once, his mother innocently expressed her wish to go on pilgrimage to char – dham on foot.  Since then, for last twenty years he has been carrying his mother on his shoulders.  Being poor and not having enough money for the fares, Kailash Giri decided to fulfill the wishes of his mother by doing this unique on-foot pilgrimage.

Vraja Narsimha Leela exhibition is attracting visitors

An exhibition on the Vraja Narsimha Leela commenced at the Goda Vihar temple in Vrindavan.  The eight day long event is being organized by the Vraja Cultural Research Institute with support from the Union Ministry for culture to showcase and preserve tradition and cultural values.  Dr. S.P. Singh (Director at State Museum Mathura) said that the tradition and culture of Braja is amazing.

Shri Shukdev Dwivedi elaborated on how the Narsimha mask is made in Vrindavan. The pictures posted in various panels across the exhibition gallery, which was inaugurated by Acharya Vivek Bhardwaj, also attracted visitors. Students from Anardevi Khandelwal Mahila Polytechnic (Library and Information Science) also participated in the exhibition.

Narsimha Leela pic

Radha Raman takes birth on Vaishakhi Purnima

Thakur Shri Radha Raman Lal’s appearance day was celebrated with great pomp in Vrindavan.  Hundreds of devotees participated in the celebration and the sevait Goswamis performed Mahabhishek with 500 liters of milk. The temple was festooned with balloons and flowers and maha-prasad was distributed inside the temple premises.

Devotees were seen congratulating each other for the ‘birth’ of their beloved Lord. Devotees were feeling blessed to drink the nectar of the ‘panchamrita’ (a mixture of milk, ghee, honey, herbs, water, fruit juices etc.) used for bathing the deity. Bhajan sandhya and Badhai Gaan which was performed in the evening mesmerized the devotees.Radha raman birth

Bhagwat Katha dedicated to Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao:

Shridevi Asahaay Seva Sansthaan Sonai, an institution dedicated to the support of the poor and needy, has started Bhagwat katha to support the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” initiative by the Central Government and also to raise awareness for saving cows. The programme started with the kalash yatra of 1111 kalash (urn). It started from the Shridevi Asahaay Seva Sansthaan near the railway station and returned to the ashram via the Thok Vrindavani and Nagla Baari areas of Mathura.

Beti bachao katha pic

Government plans Krishna museum for Mathura:

The Government has approved the construction of a museum in Mathura dedicated to Krishna. The project will be spread over an area of 5 acres and will cost around 15 crore rupees. The project was proposed by the Cultural Department last month. The city administration is now examining the land to start the project.

Krishna Museum picNot just Krishna’s appearance, attire and jewellery but the rituals of paying obeisance would also be explained in detail with each form in this museum. Another gallery would have on display all the art forms, music, dances, and Raas Leelas, performed to please Krishna in various regions of the country. “Sharad Raas from Manipur, Yakshgaan from Karnataka, Puruliya Chau from West Bengal and Sarayi Kela Raas and Chatriya Raas from Bihar and Assam respectively will be showcased through live performances,” said Sarita Sharma, the advisor from the cultural department who proposed the plan.