How Brajwasis are celebrating Holi in 2018: Important dates

India is known for her vibrant culture, beautiful festivals, and rich traditions. But there is hardly anything better than Holi that captures the colourful facet of the country. And there is hardly a better place than Mathura-Vrindavan to celebrate the festival of colours.

The Braj area, where Sri Krishna spent His childhood, has many beautiful traditions leading up to Rangpanchami. Legend has it that Holi began as Krishna, who was frustrated with His dark complexion, smeared colours on Radha and other gopis. This beautiful story between the two divine lovers has given rise to many traditions that the Brajwasis have carefully nurtured and kept alive even today.

While the rest of India celebrates Holi on 2 March this year, Brajwasis have already begun celebrating their most colourful festival. Ramanreti, Gokul Holi on 19 February marked the advent of the festival.

Here are the other important dates:

23 Feb – Nandgaon Phag Amantran Utsav
23 Feb – Barsana Laddu Holi
24 Feb – Barsana Lathmar Holi
25 Feb – Nandgaon Lathmar Holi
26 Feb – Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi ki Holi
26 Feb – Vrindavan ki Holi
27 Feb – Chharimar Holi, Gokul
1 March -Holika Dahan, Phalain ka Panda
2 March -Dwarkadhish Holi, Chaturvedi Samaj ka Dola
3 March -Dauji ka Huranga, Jav ka Huranga, Nandgaon ka Huranga
3 March -Mukhrai ka Charkula
4 March -Baithan ka Huranga, Giroh ka Huranga

The experience of Holi in Braj is something to cherish for life. People from all across the world travel to Vrindavan during this time, smear one another with colour, and celebrate their love for Krishna.

It is a festival to forget and forgive, to soak in the magic of the Vrindavan atmosphere, and to celebrate divine love.

Radhe Radhe!

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