Boat Festival (Nauka Vihar) at ISKCON

The boat festival (Nauka Vihar) was celebrated at the Krishna Balaram Mandir (ISKCON) on Wednesday.  A water pool was created in the temple courtyard. The pool was covered with a variety of flowers, wonderfully decorated in different sections of it. It can be described as mystic as to how the flowers of different colors were kept separated in the water.

The event could not be made so grand without the coordinated efforts of the devotees. The temple atmosphere was vibrant with enchanting kirtan, which continued till 7 p.m. The devotees performed kirtan with harmonium, mridanga and other musical instruments. Varieties of delicious prasadams were distributed to all devotees assembled.

Temple president Shri Panchagauda Das, Shri Ganapati Das, Shri Ravi Lochan Das, Shri Sanak Sanatan Das and other dignitaries were also present during the devotional celebration.Boat Festival Pic

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