Is Krishna Still in Vrindavan?

Is Krishna Still in Vrindavan?

In the beautiful space called Vrindavan, history and mythology intertwine inseparably to give this place its very essence. But what is myth and what is real? How much is a belief and how much really happened?

It does not really matter. Because devotees coming to this place are seeking answers to bigger questions—how can they come closer to Krishna and is the Lord still in Vrindavan?

Many believe that He is.

Legend has it that Krishna visits Nidhivan every night to meet Radha and other gopis. This is the place that witnesses the divine expression of love even today.

At the center of Nidhivan stands a Radha-Krishna temple. Surrounded by tulsi plants, this is the place that has remained the same since the Dwapar Yug when Krishna and Radha met here every night along with Her sakhis. There is also a one-room kunj in another spot inside Nidhivan where Krishna and Radha are believed to take rest after their Raasleela. According to tradition, the temple’s priest leaves behind brushes and water before closing the temple gates. When he opens the gates the next morning, he finds that someone has used them.

There are many reasons why the locals believe that their ‘Thakurji’ never left His favourite place—His very own Vrindavan. Nidhivan is just one of the many places that vouch for Krishna’s presence even to this day.

You can find Krishna everywhere in Vrindavan—inside the temples and outside of it, in the meandering lanes and the flowing Yamuna, in the mangal-aartis and the maha-mantra chants. Krishna is Vrindavan and Vrindavan is Krishna. You just need the eyes that want to see and a heart that wants to believe.

Come, experience the magic. Come, devote yourself to the Lord in His own land for at least a week every year.

Radhe Radhe!

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