Lord Rama came out as Groom, in the city of Baldev:

In the city of Baldev, Lord Rama came out dressed like a groom on Sunday night. The slogans for Lord Krishna and Rama too made the environment devotional. The tableau remained the center of attraction in the Shoba Yatra of Lord Rama. Devotees were eager to get a glimpse of Lord, during the shobha yatra.

Lord Rama came out on his chariot from the Dauji Gaushala and reached the garden at Jawahar Road Temple via Moti Bazar, Shiv Ratna Bazar, Gandhi road, Mela road, Kailash road, Holi road, Nivari road, and old post office. The aarti was conducted by Mr. Shobha Ram (National Incharge of All India Saubharey Brahman Association) and Mr. R. K. Pandey (Temple Receiver). The national president of the association, Mr. Hemant Pandey did a welcome of Lord Rama.Lord Rama pic

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