Actress turned MP Hema Malini meets PM Narendra Modi on developing Braj region

Renowned actress turned MP Hema Malini met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday to discuss the development of the Braj region. The region welcomes millions of tourists and devotees every year from across the globe. She discussed on ways to develop the religious shrines as well as various tourist spots related to famous Krishna stories in Braj Mandal. She also discussed on planning how to preserve the Braj’s cultural heritage.

Besides, the 66 year old MP also reminded the need to have a project on cleaning Yamuna which will be similar to that of the Ganga project. She also emphasized on natural gas to be provided to local industries at concessional rates.

Hema Malini said that she had handed the Prime Minister a list of demands, which he promised to take prompt action on. She also spoke about her ambition to make Mathura and Vrindavan a “shining jewel” in the country, which she will persist in spite of many constraints that are hindering the realization of this ambition. The first step towards that according to her is the cleaning up of the Braj region to make a clean and green Vrindavan.

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