Krishna Bhumi opens its offices in Delhi

Good news for our beloved audience in Delhi! Krishna Bhumi is now opening up its office in your city! Now you do not have to travel down to Vrindavan or Kolkata if you personally want to visit our premises. You can walk right in to our Delhi office and all your queries will be answered. If you are a resident of Delhi and you want to talk face to face with our executives before booking your apartment in Krishna Bhumi, then this is just the golden opportunity you have been waiting for. So dear Krishna lovers of Delhi, what are you waiting for?

Walk into our Delhi premises today and book your temple facing apartments at the feet of the Vrindavan Chandrodaya mandir now! As you know, our phase 1 of apartments, Govardhan Vas, has already been sold out. However, the apartments in Phase 2, Tulsi Vas, are still waiting for you! So go and grab them now!

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