Mathura gears up as Janmashthami approaches

The Mathura Municipal Corporation has already started preparing the city as Janmashtami is approaching. For their convenience, the Mathura Municipal Corporation has divided the city into five sectors. This has been done for better cleaning and waste management. Each sector now has a cleaning and food inspector.

These inspectors are supervising the people in their respective departments so that the city will be cleaned effectively and enough food can be provided to the visitors. Sweeping machines can also now be seen on the main roads of the city. Small teams of sweepers have especially been dispatched to keep Krishna Janmasthan and Dwarkadheesh Temple clean.

Red carpets are being laid for the walk down to the temples. The municipal corporation chairwoman, Manisha Gupta, has given strict instructions regarding garbage removal. The roads should be clean before the festival commences on the 25th of August. The roads will also be repaired so that the visitors do not have a hard time going around the city.

A temporary health camp is to be set up to deal with any sort of medical emergencies. Six entry doors to the city will be prepared in different areas. Mobile toilets will also be placed at various locations for the convenience of the visitors. Drinking water facilities will also be available at the 12 designated parking places and other major points in the city.

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