What can be learnt from Lord Krishna?

Life of lord Krishna is the perfect answer to this question.

He born in a prison and his parents were imprisoned by his own uncle Kansa. Even Lord Brahma and Indra created trouble for him. His own nephew, Sishupal was after his life. He brought up in a small village while he deserved to be a part of royal village.  In spite of such plentiful adversities he lived his life like a festival.

Learning from Krishna

He wanted to establish the kingdom of Dharma. After releasing his parents and King Ugrasen from the bondage of Kansa, he became the savior for the people of Mathura.  Krishna diligently performed all his duties no matter how many difficulties came his way without the slightest neglect. He administered justice in the royal court and also offered the devotees solace, benediction and protection. Krishna maintained his equanimity in both the village and princely luxuries

He remained calm and composed during Kurukshetra war. It was his astuteness because of which Pandavas emerged victorious against a much large force of powerful Kouravas. He was so munificent that when Duryodhan ( who tried to arrest him) asked for his army to fight against Pandavas (and Krishna himself), he gave his whole army along with weapons to him.

He always lived the life of service. All that he did was for the benefit of others. From the Lord’s very birth, he showed constant hostility throughout the life. Despite all the tirade, Krishna was forever smiling and in perpetual bliss.

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