Lalita’s village resounds with cheers for Baladev

Lord Baladev is worshipped as an incarnation of Sheshnag in the small village of Shrimati Lalita. Shrimati Lalita happened to be one of the closest friends of Radha Rani. The Dauji temple in this village celebrated Nag Panchami as the appearance day of Lord Balaram. Crowds of devotees from all around the world were present. This was the 571st appearance day of Lord Balaram that was celebrated.

The deity was worshipped and then brought out in the open for the abhishek around 12 PM. The crowd witnessed the abhishek and it was performed by the sevayats with clarified butter, milk, curd, honey, scents, dry fruits, rose, Yamuna water and other things. Mantras were chanted the entire time that the abhishek was happening.

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