Radha Raman takes birth on Vaishakhi Purnima

Thakur Shri Radha Raman Lal’s appearance day was celebrated with great pomp in Vrindavan.  Hundreds of devotees participated in the celebration and the sevait Goswamis performed Mahabhishek with 500 liters of milk. The temple was festooned with balloons and flowers and maha-prasad was distributed inside the temple premises.

Devotees were seen congratulating each other for the ‘birth’ of their beloved Lord. Devotees were feeling blessed to drink the nectar of the ‘panchamrita’ (a mixture of milk, ghee, honey, herbs, water, fruit juices etc.) used for bathing the deity. Bhajan sandhya and Badhai Gaan which was performed in the evening mesmerized the devotees.Radha raman birth

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