Vraja Narsimha Leela exhibition is attracting visitors

An exhibition on the Vraja Narsimha Leela commenced at the Goda Vihar temple in Vrindavan.  The eight day long event is being organized by the Vraja Cultural Research Institute with support from the Union Ministry for culture to showcase and preserve tradition and cultural values.  Dr. S.P. Singh (Director at State Museum Mathura) said that the tradition and culture of Braja is amazing.

Shri Shukdev Dwivedi elaborated on how the Narsimha mask is made in Vrindavan. The pictures posted in various panels across the exhibition gallery, which was inaugurated by Acharya Vivek Bhardwaj, also attracted visitors. Students from Anardevi Khandelwal Mahila Polytechnic (Library and Information Science) also participated in the exhibition.

Narsimha Leela pic

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