Sculpture from Mathura Museum to be exhibited in China

A collection of rare statues from the Mathura Museum will be on display in an exhibition in China. These sculptures are that of the Gupta period from the Mathura Rajkiya Sangrahalaya and will be exhibited in TPM in China from 28th September of this year. This has become possible because of a cultural agreement that was signed between the two countries.

As a result of this, Chinese delegates have been visiting the concerned museum in Mathura and they have selected  nine sculptures for the exhibition. However, the list will be finalized after the 19th of August, by which date the Chinese delegates and the delegates from the National Museum in New Delhi will have made another trip to the Mathura museum.

After this, the selected sculptures will be sent to China for the exhibition that is due to open on 28th September. Other sculptures will also be collected from museums in Delhi, Lucknow, Allahabad and Bodh Gaya. Altogether, 70 to 80 sculptures of the Gupta period will be taken to China.

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