‘Seva Mahotsava’ enriched with the Classical performances in Vrindavan

The dancers from the ‘Natya Vriksha’ fascinated Shri Radha RamanJi in Vrindavan with their classical performances. The devotees present in the temple were enthralled by the Bharatnatyam presentation by the artists. The students of Padmashree Geeta Chandran, Sharanya Chandran, Amrita Shruthi Radhakrishnan, Madhura Bhrushundi, Megha Jaju Jha, Aditi Balasubramaniam, Shreya Dua and Yushika Baid presented their classical offering to Radha RamanJi, which were based on the works of the great Vaishnavite poets, Jaidev, Surdas and MeeraBai.

Classical events have continued to be the source of enrichment of the ‘Annual Seva Mahotsav’ of Shri Radha RamanJi by the family of Jagadguru Shri Purshottam GoswamiJi Maharaj. The decoration is always based on the different themes of the pastimes of Shri Krishna and is a major attraction during this festival. This festival will be continuing until the 18th of December under the direction of Acharya Shrivastava GoswamiJi Maharaj

Famous Hindustani classical music vocalist Padmashree Madhup Mudgal also made offerings to the seva by singing classical bhajans in his melodious voice. Odissi dance was also performed by the dancers of Venu Nad Kala Kendra. Daily kirtans are being carried on by the Bengali Vaishnavite residents and those who are visiting. Other forms of devotional services are also being performed.

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