Vrindavan Lordships draped in warm clothes to ward off cold

Winter continues to grip Vraja and due to its harshness the deities of Vrindavan are also affected. The winter seva of the deities has begun in the saptadevalaya temples and khichdi is being made with a variety of pulses for their changed diet. There is also a change in their attire and their daily routine. They now go to bed early and rise late in the mornings.

At the temples, the priests are adorning the deities with clothes made of velvet and wool and the devotees who are coming for darshan are bringing ‘bhog’ that are suitable to the climate. A sigari (a heater that is run with burning coal) is also being placed beside the deities to keep them warm. Hot water is also being arranged everyday for their baths.

The delicious items that are offered to the deities include peanut gazak, til papdi rolls, urad dal laddoos, moong dal barfis and various kinds of dry fruits. The devotees can often be seen in the markets of Vrindavan buying these delicacies and warm clothes for the lordships.

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