Vrindavan’s Jaipur temple will be developed as a tourist destination

Recently an announcement was made that Vrindavan’s historic Jaipur Mandir will be developed as a tourist destination. The minister of Rajasthan Devasthan department, Mr. Rajkumar Rinwan was the one to make this announcement. He was on a three day visit to Vrindavan to celebrate Shri Radha Madhav Ji’s 100th patotsav. The upgrades to the temple will consist of landscaping throughout the complex, benches and fountains made of Rajasthani stone, permanent lighting in all parts of the temple, drinking water and toilet facilities.

There will also be a small shopping centre that will showcase the unique handicrafts of Rajasthan. Devotees visiting the temple will also have the opportunity to learn about the culture of Rajasthan along with receiving the Lord’s blessing and darshan. The government of Rajasthan has allocated 30 lakh rupees for this project. Sunil Makkad, the commissioner of the Rajasthan Devasthan Vibhag informed that the department will submit the proposal to the state government within a week.

The plan is being prepared and will be brought into action in collaboration with the Public Works Department.

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