Chatthi festival of Radha Rani at Radha Vallabh temple

Chatthi festival or the sixth day of birth of Radha Rani was celebrated with unmatched exuberance at Radha Vallabh Temple in Vrindavan, besides other major temples. Saints from all over the country visited the temple to sing sohar or songs of birth. This was followed by a special maha aarti of Radha Rani. Samaj Gayan and classical dance was also performed by many devotees during the celebration.

Sevayats dressed up the idols of ThakurJi and Radha Rani before the festivities began and afterwards prasadam was distributed to the devotees. The team at Krishna Bhumi and the VCM team at ISKCON Bengaluru seek Radha Rani’s blessings so that the temple dedicated to her eternal consort and the divine project surrounding it is completed without any difficulty.

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