Bhadravana – the playground of Shri Balbhadra


One of the 12 principal forests of Vrindavana to be recreated next to the world’s tallest Krishna temple – the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir at Krishna Bhumi, is Bhadravana. It is one of the divine forests of Braj where Lord Krishna and his elder brother Shri Balrama ji went to herd the cows with all the other cowherd friends and were involved in many games and other pastimes. The forest also gets its name after Shri Balbhadra which is the other name for Shri Balrama, as it is believed that the forest was mainly the playground of Shri Balbhadra.

Located two miles south-east of Nanda Ghat on the other side of the holy Yamuna river, the forest of Bhadravana is located about 18 kilometers to the north of the Mathura and 7 kilometers from Vrindavana. Bhadravana has a parikrama or circumambulation of about five kilometers. It is home to the famous Bhadra Sarovar, which is said to shower unlimited wealth and enjoyment to anyone who takes a bath in it. It is also said that anyone who bathes in the Bhadra Sarovar is finally successful in attaining prem bhakti to Shri Krishna and Shri Baldev. According to another legend from one of the famous Hindu epics, it is believed that someone who visits this sacred forest of Bhadravana becomes the eternal and single minded devotee of Lord Krishna. This forest is also home to a very old Shiva-linga and it is believed to have been established by king Vajranabh. It is known as Bhadrishwara Mahadev.

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