Kumudavana – where Krishna sported in Kumudini Kund

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Kumudavana is the third among the twelve principal forests of Braj that will be recreated next to the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir at Krishna Bhumi. This delightful forest which is presently also known as Kudaravan is where Lord Krishna, Shri Balrama ji and the other cowherd boys wandered through while herding the cows. Kumudavana owes its name to the ancient ‘Kumuda’ trees that formed a dense forest in this part of Braj.

Kumudavana is home to the Kumudini Kund, also known as Vihar Kund. It is said that Shri Krishna Himself sported in this kund with the other cowherd boys who would decorate each other with garlands made of kumudini flowers. He would also summon the cows to the bank of the pond to drink water with his sweet words. It is here that Lord Krishna would sometimes hide from His sakhas and sport in the water with Radhika, Lalita, Vishakha and other gopis.

There is an interesting story about Shree Mahaprabhu explaining the reason how this forest came to be named as Kumudavana, to Shree Krishnadas Meghan, upon being asked about the history of the name of this forest. According to Sama Veda, once Shri Krishna and Shri Swaminiji were going through this forest. At that time, there was a full moon the sky and the place looked very attractive. Seeing this beautiful place, Shri Swaminiji desired to have a forest of Kumuda trees that will blossom with lots of flowers and a kund. Shri Krishna came to know about this desire and immediately ordered two Sakhis named ‘Kumuda’ and ‘Kumudini’ to make beautiful ponds. Kumuda and Kumudini made the two beautiful kundas to the delight of Shri Krishna and Shri Swaminiji. Thus this forest came to be known as Kumudavana. Shri Mahaprabhuji is also said to have given darshan of Kumuda and Kumudini to all the present vaishnavas.

There is a deity of Shri Kapildev on the bank of Kumudini Kund at present. It is said that Lord Kapil worshipped Shri Krishna at this place. Kumudavana is also home to Krishna Kund and a Bethakji of Shri Mahaprabhuji. At the backyard of Shri Bethakji, there is a Kadamba tree known as ‘Lal Kadamba’. It is said that Shri Krishna used play his flute sitting on this tree. It is also said that when the Gopis use to call Shri Krishna for the Chaak, He used to hide behind this Kadamba tree.

A number of picturesque pastime places, such as Ompar, Manako-nagara, Lagayo, Ambikavan, Ganeshara (Gandheshwarivan), Datiha (Datiya), Chhatikara and Garud-Govind are in the neighborhood of Kumudavana.

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