Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 1, Verse 3:

पश्यैतां पाण्डुपुत्राणामाचार्य महतीं चमूम् ।
व्यूढां द्रुपदपुत्रेण तव शिष्येण धीमता ।।

Duryodhan said: Respected teacher! Behold the mighty army of the sons of Pandu, so expertly arrayed for battle by your own gifted disciple, the son of Drupad.

Duryodhan diplomatically but effectively pointed out to his military teacher, Dronacharya, all the mistakes that had been committed by him in the past. Dronacharya remembered the instance when he had had a political quarrel with King Drupad. King Drupad was angered beyond measure, so much so that he performed a yajana. As a result of this yajana he received a boon according to which he would beget a son who would be able to kill Dronacharya.

As a result of this boon, Dhrishtadyumna was born to King Drupad. Ironically, when Drishtadyumna came of age to receive military learning, he was entrusted for his studies to no one else but Dronacharya. Dronacharya knew that Dhristadyumna was destined to kill him and that if he imparted all the knowledge he had to Dhrishtadyumna, then it would only aid Dhristadyumna to kill him.

However, Dronacharya was so large hearted that he never held back anything he knew from Dhristadyumna. He was given full and dedicated training like all Dronacharya’s other pupils. But when the battle of Kurukshetra was declared, it was Dhrishtadyuma who became the commander in chief of the Pandava army and arranged their military phalanx.

In reminding Dronacharya of his past mistakes, Duryodhan’s aim was to make Dronacharya understand that it was leniency towards Dhrishtadhyumna in the past which had gotten them in trouble now. Therefore, Dronacharya had better not practice any more leniencies towards the opponent party.

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