Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami speaks on the Purans at the President’s House

The All India Kashiraj Trust organized a grand ceremony at the President’s house in Delhi. This trust is dedicated to publishing the ancient scriptures of India. It is a matter of great pride for Braj that Acharya Shrivastava Goswami Maharaj, acharya of the Shri Radharaman Temple and trustee of the AIKT played a vital role in the event. This ceremony marked the release of the new annotated edition of the Garud Puran, created through the efforts of the King of Kashi, Shri Anant Narayan Singh, who is the chief editor and chairman of the trust.

The book’s release was formally inaugurated by the President of India, the honorable Shri Pranab Mukherjee himself.  Dr. Anant Narayan Singh spoke about the trust’s mission to publish new, high quality editions of the Purans. These new editions will include English and Hindi translations with commentary by various prominent scholars. Addressing the gathering, His Excellency, the President, emphasized the dire need for the publication, teaching and study of the sacred scriptures like the Purans and the positive impact such noble efforts can make on Indian culture as a whole.

Acharya Shrivastava Goswami Maharaj spoke in detail about the Garud Puran’s significance as an encyclopedia of Bharatiya cultrure. Dr. Karn Singh, Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan, Dr. Ramkaran Sharma, Dr. Valmiki Singh, Dr. Janardan, Padmashri Dr. Gita Chandran and other scholars spoke about the cultural and intellectual influence of the Purans from a modern perspective.

Acharya Shrivastava Goswami Maharaj presented His Excellency, the President, with a portrait of Shri Radharaman Lal and a package of Prasad. He also invited the President to visit Vrindavan and take part in the temple’s ongoing summer Nikunj Mahotsav.


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