Dvadasha Kanana at Krishna Bhumi

Surrounding the world’s tallest temple – Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir and covering 26 acres, Krishna Bhumi will recreate Dvadasha Kanana, the twelve magical forests of Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna carried out his childhood lilas.


According to the Padma Purana there were 48 different forests Vraja Mandal, which included 12 principal forests (vanas) on the eastern and western sides of Yamuna named Kumudavana, Khadiravana, Vrindavana, Bhandiravana, Talavana, Madhuvana, Mahavana, Bhadravana, Bahulavana, Kamyavana, Bilvavana and Lohavana. The other remaining sub forests were called upavanas, prativanas and adhivanas.

While seven among these 12 principal forests – Madhuvana, Talavana, Kumudavana, Bahulavana, Kamyavana, Khadiravana and Vrindavana – lied on the western side of Yamuna and come under the patronage of Lord Krishna, the remaining five – Bhadravana, Bhandirvana, Bilvavana, Lohavana and Mahavana – were situated on its eastern side and came under his brother Shri Balaram’s patronage.

Lord Krishna and Shri Balaram performed numerous lilas in the forests of Vrindavan, where they used to herd cows along with other boys during their childhood. Some of Lord Krishna’s most famous lilas including His killing of demons like Putana and Bakasura, His showing of the entire universe within his mouth to his mother Yashoda, His Rasa Lilas with Radha and other Gopis, as well as many other pastimes were performed in these enchanting forests.

Besides the 12 forests, there will be a unique Krishna Lila Theme Park at Krishna Bhumi. This one of its kind theme park will house attractions like themed dolls and dioramas, dark rides, animatronics, light, sound and special effect shows that will celebrate all these various lilas that Lord Krishna performed in the different forests of Vrindavan.

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