Vrindavan is now one step closer to being a model city:

Mathura, February, 25th 2016: The developmental projects to be undertaken in the model city program were outlined in a meeting on Wednesday. The meeting was chaired by Shri S.B. Singh, the Secretary of the Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority. Coordination among the various government departments was emphasized during the meeting.

The final Detailed Project Report will be ready on 3rd March. It should be noted that a meeting was convened in the MVDA conference room on 23rd January 2016, which was chaired by the Divisional Commissioner Shri Pradeep Bhatnagar. Many stakeholders from Vrindavan participated in the meeting and gave their valuable suggestions on how they want to see Vrindavan develop.

The SP Traffic informed that one way traffic plan has been prepared. A control room has been established for the CCTV’s to be installed in the Parikrama Marg.  No entry has been proposed in three locations, with the help of the MVDA. The MVDA has also written a letter to resume the Radha Rani Express and develop the Vrindavan Road station for better connectivity with Vrindavan through the rail route.

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