Gigantic elephant of Kuvalayapida was killed again

Back in his time, Shri Krishna killed the gigantic elephant Kuvalayapida at the present site of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi.This event was staged by the local artists in Mathura to an audience who were mesmerized by the performance. The event was organized by the Kuvalayadia Hathi Vadh Mahotsava Samiti. A procession of Krishna and Balaram sitting on a chariot was taken out from Swami Ghat.

The procession began after the aarti was performed. The tableau of the images of Kuvalayapida, GaneshJi, Banke BihariJi, Giriraj Dharan and the Shiva family were followed by the chariot carrying the divine brothers. People walking with the procession carried a stick in their hand to display consolidation of their support to the Lord. The procession passed through different parts of the city, where it was welcomed by the devotees.

Finally, the procession reached the designated site where the elephant was killed by Shri Krishna 5000 years back. A symbolical killing of the effigy was carried out by removing the tail, trunk and tusk from. The devotees who witnessed the event commemorated the Dwapar Yuga, the time period during which this event actually took place.

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