Vrindavan temples enthralled by tribal folk dance

The temple town of Vrindavan attracts devotees from all around the world, as a result of which this town has experienced spontaneous outbursts of ecstatic devotion. The journey which started 500 years back when Lord Chaitanya arrived in Vrindavan continues even today in one form or another. The temples were enthralled by enchanting folk dance of the tribal devotees who are in Vrindavan for their annual visit.

The devotees included both men and women and the band performed various folk dances in front of the deities of the different temples. They danced wearing traditional costumes and holding peacock feathers in their hands. They paid a visit to the Sapta Devalaya temples, RangaJi temple, Gopeshwar temple and other ancient temples. They performed the folk dances everywhere they went.

Other devotees who had come for darshan to these temples also joined in the dancing and the singing. The tribal devotees also offered their prayers to the Yamuna.  The tradition of pilgrimage to Vrindavan among these tribal people has existed for more than a century. They collect peacock feathers in the forests and fields when they graze their cattle for this visit, which signifies the peacock feather that adorned Lord Krishna’s crown.

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