Government plans Krishna museum for Mathura:

The Government has approved the construction of a museum in Mathura dedicated to Krishna. The project will be spread over an area of 5 acres and will cost around 15 crore rupees. The project was proposed by the Cultural Department last month. The city administration is now examining the land to start the project.

Krishna Museum picNot just Krishna’s appearance, attire and jewellery but the rituals of paying obeisance would also be explained in detail with each form in this museum. Another gallery would have on display all the art forms, music, dances, and Raas Leelas, performed to please Krishna in various regions of the country. “Sharad Raas from Manipur, Yakshgaan from Karnataka, Puruliya Chau from West Bengal and Sarayi Kela Raas and Chatriya Raas from Bihar and Assam respectively will be showcased through live performances,” said Sarita Sharma, the advisor from the cultural department who proposed the plan.

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