How Krishna wed Rukmini

Krishna and RukminiRukmini was the daughter of the king of Vidarbha, Bhismaka. Bhismaka also happened to be a vassal to Jarasandha, the king of Magadha. As a young girl, Rukmini had fallen in love with Krishna. However, things were complicated as her brother Rukmi had been a friend of Kansa and Kansa had been killed by Krishna.

Rukmini’s parents were all for Rukmini being married to Krishna but Rukmi, her brother, wanted her to marry Shishupala, the crown prince of Chedi to further his own ambition. Rukmini’s parents finally gave in to this decision but Rukmini herself was horrified at this proposition. She sent a letter to Krishna asking him to kidnap her.

On her way back from the temple, Krishna swept her into his chariot and her wish was fulfilled. However, Rukmi soon caught up with them. There was a duel between him and Krishna. Needless to say, Krishna won the duel. He was about to kill Rukmi when Rukmini fell at his feet and begged him to spare her brother’s life.

Krishna did so but shaved Rukmi’s head so that everyone would know that he was a defeated warrior. Krishna then took Rukmini to a village named Madhavpur Ghed and married her there. There is also a temple at this village that commemorates this day. Rukmini and Krishna married once again in Dwarka with great ceremony and pomp as befitted the King of Dwarka and the princess of Vidarbha.

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