“Pran Pratishtha” Mahotsava at Lord Varadraj temple started

The six day long ‘Pran Pratishtha’ Mahotsav has started at the Lord Varadraj Temple in Vrindavan. It is a ceremony by which a deity is consecrated in a temple. The temple is located in the Bada Khatala Ashram area and the ceremony began with the kalash yatra done by 1008 women from the temple to the Kesi Ghat.

The women were dressed as gopinis and along with them pairs of camels and horses were also a part of the Kalash Yatra festival. The procession passed through many markets, including Chungi Chauraha and Gopinath Bazar. After fetching water from the Yamuna, the women returned to the temple and began the festivities.

There were a group of devotees along with these women the entire time who were singing bhajans for the Lord. Saints and devotees from all over the country have come down to Vrindavan to view this festival and witness the cultural programmes like Sadhu Vani, Bhajan Sandhya and cultural drama.

State Governer Ram Naik, Vice Chancellor of many Universities and saints from all over the country will also be a part of the celebration. Swami Dharacharya, Swami Shyama Narayancharya, Swami Shiv Narayanacharya, Swami Ram Prapannacharya, Mahant Phooldol Bihari Das, Swami Keshwacharya, Swami Sudarshanacharya, Ram Kishore Singi, MVDA Chairman Mukesh Gautam and Congress City Chairman Sohan Singh Sisodia were present during the kalash yatra.

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